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Welcome to our Belly Dance Club

Welcome to a world where the rhythmic sway of the hips and the enchanting beats of the East come alive – this is the sanctuary of Belly Dance that I, Nataliia, have crafted with ardor and grace. My journey into the mesmerizing world of Belly Dance began in the vibrant city of Kiev in 2012, a journey that transformed from curious exploration to a profound passion that now courses through my every move. Here, in the sanctuary of our dance, I bring the culmination of years spent under the tutelage of esteemed dance maestros, each step and turn a narrative of my dedication.As a performer, I have graced countless stages, my performances a tapestry woven with the threads of traditional and innovative Belly Dance artistry. I am not just a dancer; I am a storyteller, a keeper of an ancient art, and a guide to those who seek the joy of expression through this timeless dance form. My mission is to kindle the flame of passion for Belly Dance within you, to invite you into this dance odyssey where every emotion is explored and every movement tells a story.Through our club, I endeavor to create a community where the love for Belly Dance transcends the boundaries of mere performance, becoming a shared language of joy and self-discovery. Each class is an invitation to immerse yourself in Oriental rhythms, to let the music guide your journey to self-expression and empowerment. Join me, and together, let's embark on an exhilarating adventure that celebrates the beauty and power of Belly Dance.Let the dance floor be our canvas, and our movements the brushstrokes that paint a world of beauty, strength, and passion. Welcome to our club, where every sway is a story, every shimmy a song, and every dancer a cherished member of our vibrant Belly Dance family.

Belly dance, or oriental dance, unfolds as a vibrant narrative of the body, swaying with the richness of Middle Eastern heritage. This dance form, with its sinuous hip movements and fluid arm gestures, embodies the spirit of grace and complexity. Originating in ancient lands, belly dance has danced through time, from sacred rituals to the global stage, telling tales as old as civilization itself.

Each undulation and shimmy in belly dance is a word in the language of expression, a language shaped by the diverse cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Persia. Over centuries, it has flourished into a diverse spectrum of styles, each echoing the unique heartbeat of the region it represents. The Egyptian style pulsates with vivacity, while the Turkish form grounds itself in earthy, folkloric roots.

Belly dance is more than movement; it's a celebration of the female form, a canvas where strength and beauty are painted in motion. It champions the natural silhouette, reveling in sensuality and the power of the feminine. As a conduit of empowerment, belly dance promotes self-assurance and body positivity, empowering dancers to embrace their curves with confidence.

The narrative of belly dance is woven with emotion, allowing a dancer's story to unfold with every hip drop and every veil flutter. It's a cultural dialogue, a bridge between tradition and personal expression, where every performance is a shared experience. The global ascent of belly dance has welcomed an audience diverse in age and background, drawn to its exotic allure and health benefits.

The historical journey of belly dance is a testament to its resilience and adaptability. In ancient Egypt, the ghawazi's rhythmic steps laid the foundation for what would captivate the world. The Silk Road's cultural exchange infused belly dance with a rich diversity, blending the East with the West.

The 19th century brought a Western gaze to belly dance, framing it with a lens of exotic fascination. Cairo's cabarets later ignited a new era, with visionaries like Badia Masabni transforming belly dance into a theatrical art form. These pioneers set the stage for Cairo to emerge as the heart of belly dance, a pulse felt across continents.

The mid-20th century saw belly dance migrate and bloom in the West, finding new soil in America's landscape. Hollywood added a layer of glitz, creating an American belly dance genre infused with cinematic magic. This period also sparked a renaissance, blending the traditional with modern dance, and opening a world where belly dance became a global language.

Today, belly dance thrives, continually evolving and embracing global influences from flamenco to hip-hop. It stands as a dynamic symbol of cultural exchange and femininity, transcending its ancient origins. Belly dance has become a vessel for storytelling, an art form that speaks of personal journeys and shared histories.

Its undying legacy is secured by its ability to adapt and the global community it builds. Belly dance is a dance of life, a rhythmic celebration of the human form and the stories it carries. Through belly dance, dancers across the world find a voice, a space for creativity, and a path to cultural connection.

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Sessions are in Abingdon, Long Furlong Community Centre

Adults sessions: Fridays 7pm - 8pm

Join us and start dancing today